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Government & Public Sector

Government services face the unique challege of expanding and improving services to civilians while simultaneously modernizing their technology infrastructure and business practices with constrained budgets. Ignyte works hard to ensure our nation's resources stretch far and achieve the purpose of serving the public for the better.


Improving access to care while driving down costs has been a long sought after goal in the healthcare industry. To help our clients in this initiative, we develop modern digital platforms like patient portals, mobile applications, and telehealth modules to reach those in need of medical services.


Changes in energy sources, new storage capabilities, and interconnected technologies have disrupted operations and forced organizations to rethink how to best power their consumers. Ignyte engages with customers to provide these critical resources while also reinventing internal business practices to become more efficient.


Residents of urban cores and metropolitan areas are seeking more sustainable transportation services as they move through their daily lives. With the rise of ride-sharing, scooters, bikes, and more, public transportation must find new ways to engage with local residents while rethinking their investments to better serve customers.

Financial Services

In today's global economy, financial services must adapt quickly to not only meet the needs of their customers, but also the changing global landscape. Emerging technologies have changed the way we use funds to invest and purchase with the growing expectation of seeing transactions happen instantly. Ignyte enables our clients to be dynamic.

Higher Education

Demand for access to new opportunities has been increasing over the years. However, changes in student preferences, local competition, and the rise of online learning has created challenges for institutions to stand out in the marketplace. Ignyte partners with clients in this space to understand the student experience while improving organizational and operational efficiency.


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