You can’t make good decisions without a good understanding of the facts.

We derive key insights for decision makers to solve operational challenges today, to create growth and resilience tomorrow.


Data Analytics & Visualization

Using machine learning, Ignyte’s data scientists build robust, empirically tuned statistical models that solve complex problems. By uncovering hidden trends and patterns within data, Ignyte can discover and apply new insights to a variety of business needs and use them to inform key business decisions.

Performance Management

Ignyte takes your data and transforms them into easily digestible dashboards and graphics. Our data scientists specialize in creating models that highlight key quantitative information and visualize them, allowing your company to understand relevant insights and make impactful decisions from them.


Portfolio Health Assessment

Unlock the full potential of your organization’s capital investments. Ignyte can help you identify the right projects to undertake, assess feasibility, identify risks, and ensure alignment to overall strategic goals. Through in-depth and unbiased analysis, we enable our clients to strengthen ROI and reduce waste of resources.


What can we help you achieve?

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